Face The Storm.

Shan Cooper will help you and your organization navigate challenge, change, and complexity.


As a former VP of Lockheed Martin and Chief Transformation Officer of Westrock, I’ve faced unimaginable change and adversity head on. I’ve led organizations through challenges from tense labor negotiations to a tragic mass shooting. I’ve also endured my fair share of personal adversity as well, oftentimes being the only woman in the room and even once being demoted. I’d love to share my experience with you to help you face your own storms and drive results for your organization.

Free Download: Five steps for Facing the Storm in Your Organization

A point will come in everyone’s career in which they must face a storm. No matter your organization’s size, industry or tenure, undeniable realities exist across all workplaces: challenge is guaranteed, change is the only constant, and complexity is an unavoidable reality. Simply put, wherever you are in your career journey, at some point the winds of chaos will come, and you will need to be equipped to face the storm.

If you let it, change and challenge can propel you rather than break you. You’re invited to download this free eBook and join Shan on the journey of weather-proofing your organization to face challenge, complexity and change. With these five steps for facing the storm, you will be ready to lead no matter what comes your way.